Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscar Recap

The popcorn was delicious, the Prosecco was sparkly and James Franco was a terrible host but handsome nonetheless.
I know that despite my grumbling I will be back next year. I always come back.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cozy Oscar Party

The Academy Awards are this weekend and I am not in the mood to get all glammed up for a fancy Oscar party. Instead, I will invite a couple of girlfriends over to don their sweats and join me on the couch. We will criticize the outfits and speeches to our hearts content, suffer through the boring acceptance speeches and roll our eyes during the painful musical numbers. As I watch the actresses trying to breathe in their impossible dresses, I will feel grateful that I can snack with abandon and not worry about exploding out of a gown.

Naturally, many snacks will be in order for such a long night and what better choice than popcorn. I decided on an assortment of savory and sweet popcorns and chilled Prosecco seems like a festive sparkly accompaniment. We will be well stocked for a night of armchair heckling.

Here's the recipe ...

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies

I felt a charge in the air today, a twinge of expectation. The card and chocolate shops were bustling. I noticed men and women with shopping bags emblazoned with lingerie logos. The sight of bouquets of bright flowers touched me on this grey February day. Perhaps I am just succumbing to the propaganda and feeling sprightly because a card company is telling me that today is a frisky kind of day.

Maybe it is because the deep freeze the city has been under has lifted and it actually feels like there was a touch of spring in the air. Whatever it was, I felt promise today, a little twinge of good things around the corner. I'm feeling the love.

To celebrate I baked chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. I will be my own valentine, share some cookies with friends if there are any left over, pour myself a glass of wine and send out a toast to the romantics out there.