Thursday, 10 October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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We are hosting family from New York City this weekend and have been thinking of what to do while they are here. I love having out of town guests because it gives us a chance to hangout with friends or family we don't get to see often and also, me, a chance to be a tourist in my own city. It's a reason to wander through different neighbourhoods or take part in events that you might not otherwise think of doing.

I enjoy looking for "off the beaten track" places or unique things to do whenever we go traveling. So, because it's Thanksgiving in Canada, I thought it would be fun to explore some different things happening this weekend across the country.

Swallow Tail Tours is hosting a chef guided rainforest walking tour. On the 2 hour walk, you'll discover edible herbs, berries and mushrooms and learn how these earthy ingredients are whipped into culinary delights. Enjoy a gourmet lunch with wild herb tea served in a mountain cabin by the river.

Check out the exhibits at the Glenbow Museum. Made in Calgary is a 5 part series and they are showing "The 1980's" this weekend. As Calgary soared to economic power during this time, it also brought a new energy to the arts.

Because we are a part of a wonderful "handmade, artisan and craft community", we have a soft spot for ventures where artists and designers show and sell their wares. Support made in Canada products at the pop up shop Mix and Match.

Did you know there was a Canada Agriculture and Food Museum? There is and it's in Ottawa! They have fantastic Thanksgiving events this weekend. Everything from making apple cider to guided tours of how renewable energy is generated from natural resources.

So, what are we going to do this weekend in Toronto? We're going to do what we like best. Going for brunch at Cafe Belong, check out the farmer's market and go for a hike all at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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