Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fall Colours

I love this time of year. Although cooler, it's still bright and full of unique colours everywhere you look. Nature has such an amazing way of putting colours together that you may not think really go together and making it work.

This is the inspiration behind our "Oaks and Acorns" design. The purple and green colour scheme pops on the light natural apron but still remains soft and pretty. 

Our friend Sarah, the gourmet goddess

We hope this apron encourages the "gourmet goddess" in you to do some cooking with the rich and vibrant root vegetables that are in season.

Or, if you prefer the sweeter side and are more of a "baking beauty", go apple picking and try out this apple yogurt cake with a cinnamon sugar streak from The Kitchn. I made it last week...it lasted for 3 days...Yikes!


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